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Why Pediatric Massage?

We know the many benefits of massage for adults, the Everyday Stress relief, improved circulation, recovery from injury or Exercise, These are also true of Pediatric Massage. Children Develope so rapidly both mentally and physically,  They experience Stress Circulation problems aches and pains and are more active than most adults.  


Growing Pains- approximately 25%-40% of kids experience Growing pains between the ages of 3 & 5 and then again between the ages of 8 & 12.  Growing pains are often caused by a rapid stretch to the tendons ligaments and muscles,  this causes pain along the the long bones of the arms and legs and muscle cramping in the calves.  Massage helps to relieve the pain associated with rapid growth and provides the muscles and tendons with a good blood supply, helps to improve circulation and prevent Cramping.


Sensory Development-

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