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An Ounce of Prevention

We spend Over half of our lives doing things for and taking care of other people, Parents for their kids, Employees for their bosses, Husband/Wife for their Spouse. We live to take care of other people. What happens When we don't take care of ourselves? When you lose those extra hours of sleep, you pull that extra shift or take the second job? How many times have you said I'll see the doctor later, I'll get a massage as soon as things calm down, I'll try acupuncture when I get a chance, I'll Exercise at the start of the year. These are all common remarks we tell ourselves and we Procrastinate, sometimes to the point of injuring ourselves.

Self care is very important, I have often heard the quote "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..." Benjamin Franklin (February 4, 1735, The Pennsylvania Gazette). While this quote was in reference to fire safety and prevention, it certainly carries over into our lives and Health Practices. Allowing your self care to go to the wayside is detrimental to not only your health and wellness but the health and wellness of your loved ones. When you are in pain or become chronically ill, you eventually stop being able to properly care for those you love. Chronic Conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic inflammatory and pain conditions, Diabetes, Obesity, Muscle Atrophy, Multiple Sclerosis as well as many many other Autoimmune disorders can leave you bedridden, in pain, depressed and anxious. These and many other conditions can be properly managed if we stop procrastinating and take the steps necessary to gain control of our lives.

A Regular routine or as I like to call it lifestyle change, includes a properly balanced Diet, Regular Exercise, Weekly or Bi-Weekly Massage, Weekly or Bi-Weekly Acupuncture, Natural Remedies and the right mind set.

Time: I know that sometimes these things can be difficult to fit in our busy schedules and sometimes overwhelming to do alone, so don't. Find a group or a program that you click with to join. Having the added support could be very beneficial in achieving your desired outcome. Making the time for yourself every week to get a massage and or acupuncture, work with a personal trainer and devise a meal plan that works for you will be well worth it. I promise that you will begin to feel better overall and you will wonder why you put it off for so long. Scheduling your appointments in advance on a regular schedule will force you into a routine, then time becomes less of an issue.

The Expense: This is the most common reason that people do not follow through on their goals and procrastinate on their self care. My solution is to find a group or a practitioner that can devise a plan geared toward your personal profile, your needs, your goals and work with in a budget. Using FSA, HSA and HRA Accounts are a great options to stay within a budget and be able to claim your preventative care as a health care expense.

Did You Know: Ohio Recently recognized Personal training as a Covered expense when using your FSA, HSA and HRA accounts? All you need is a letter, prescription or referral from your doctor stating that the personal training is medically necessary for a specific condition or as a treatment for prevention of a boarderline condition.

AS ALWAYS: before you begin any diet changes or exercise programs please be sure to check in with your primary care physician as sudden changes to diet and exercise can effect the need for certain medications, and a release to join in physical activities may be required . Also note: that a release or prescription from your physician or specialist for both Massage Therapy and Acupuncture is recommended there are many conditions that can mimic Muscle tension, low back pain, TMJ Disorder etc. and it is recommended that you receive an annual physical to be sure that neither Therapeutic Massage or Acupuncture are a risk for aggravating a pre-existing condition or disease you may or may not be aware that you have.

Make a resolution now and meet up with me on Facebook to support each other in our goals!

To Join or talk to us about the Procrastination Rehab Program at Holistic Health LMT Please contact us 614-547-WELL (9355)

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