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Mental Health Confession

As you know day to day stress effects everyone but many of us know how overwhelming things can be when coupled with depression, Anxiety PTSD or all of the above. I don't like to talk about it a lot but over the course of 13 years I have struggled with an anxiety disorder from PTSD while I don't want to go into the details of my personal life It was a really big thing for me. I wanted to be but was not ok. I had been taking Lexapro (daily) and Xanax (as needed) to help me cope with the effects of some personal experiences. I am not one that chooses to take medication lightly (not that any of us are) but I needed to. So for 13 years I took my meds for anxiety and every day I wished I didn't need to. I tried everything natural in hopes of finding something that 1. Wasn't a prescription and 2. Didn't make me feel numb or like I failed. Nothing really worked like the lexapro and Xanax.

A good friend of mine kept telling me "you should try this Collagen supplement, I think you'd really like it!" Being vegetarian I'm not really big on using anything containing meat or meat biproducts so I asked what's in it? Unfortunately, Turns out I can't take the collagen anyway (fish allergy) but when looking at the products I saw the Adaptogen and thought, she talked so highly about the company and the products etc. I'll try the Adaptogen what can it hurt right? I'm already taking all these supplements and a few of them are in the Adaptogen- supplements for anxiety, my immune system, digestive system and a couple specific for diabetes. so I stopped buying the others and tried it.

To make a super long story short, I love it! I am so excited to say that in the past two weeks I have completely gone off of the medication and replaced it with the Adaptogen Elixir. I have tried many things over the years but this really worked for me, combined with my daily mental health routine, stretches, rest and LOTS of WATER! (Had to throw that in there!) I have seen a drastic change in myself and how I feel, react, and cope. I liked it so much I started my 18 year old on it.

I won't promise that it completely eliminates your stress, anxiety 100% or that it eliminates your past experiences in life. but I can't even express how much it has helped me! More than the other supplements and prescriptions combined.

as I am writing this I'm thinking, I kind of sound like an infomercial! But the reality is this line of products is truly one I can promote because of its quality, the science behind it (actual studies) and my personal experiences with the Adaptogen. And soon with the IsaBody challenge!

Not one thing works alone to make things better!

I know I have talked a lot about the benefits of dietary changes, stress reduction, supplements, immune boosting and Collagen or Collagen builders over the years and even more since the beginning of the Pandemic. After much research and consideration I took the plunge with Isagenix and I have to say I am truly impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the products!

I started out with the Adaptogen Elixir which is AMAZING! (and Vegan) and have had some fantastic results in regards to my mental health

If you would like more information please let me know.

If you are thinking about trying any of these amazing supplements or the weight loss program now is the best time to do it! Free shipping on your first order and you can’t go wrong With the 30 day money back guarantee


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